Did I mention I hate mosquitos?

Inukshuk on the path to the our lake.

Inukshuk on the path to the our lake.

When we moved to Maine, I had a few concerns outside of leaving family and friends and my comfort zone in California. The winters, of course, made me a bit nervous. Would we get snowed in, would I get cabin fever, could I handle being outside with temperatures below freezing for 3-4 months a year? No, no, and yes I could handle the cold and even found a lot of ways to enjoy the beauty that is Maine in the winter. The mosquitos of late spring and summer are another matter altogether. I knew that the little insects were ubiquitous, but I figured they could be controlled. And they can, if you want to while away the best time of the year indoors. Repellents, coils, candles, and machines just provide a false sense of security. Mosquitos can locate whatever small part of your skin that is unprotected, zero in on it and leave a welt that not only itches but is unattractive to boot. I refuse to let them force me into long pants and sleeves. So I’ll continue to spray up and keep my After Bite pen close at hand.

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