What a difference a date makes

Ducks in Chesapeake Bay

Ducks in Chesapeake Bay

We have a local winery near the coast that has a wine dinner once a month. It is generally a 5 course meal where each course is paired with one of the wines that produced there. It is a somewhat upscale affair held in their well appointed dining room. By the nature of the event, seats are limited and reservations are required. In March the dinner had a St.Patricks Day theme with the chef’s home brined and made corn beef cabbage as the main course. We arrived early and were seated at a communal table with four other couples. Immediately next to us was a young banker and his date. We would soon learn that it was one of their first dates. Clearly, Ryan was trying to make a good impression on the lady he was with. And it even seemed as though they might be a good match as they were both from the same part of the state, family oriented, and had shared similar experiences growing up. By the time the desert was presented it was evident that Ryan had invested a good amount of planning and money on a date that was almost painful to watch unfold. I suppose if he had know she wasn’t a big wine fan, was reluctant to try new foods, and wasn’t that interested in his interests, Ryan probably would have invested his money a bit differently.

But there is a silver lining to this story. While my husband and I were enjoying the crab cake appetizer in the tasting room at the June wine dinner, who should we see walk into the room but Ryan with a lovely young women on his arm. I couldn’t be sure it wasn’t the same girl as we had only met her that one time three months prior. He walked right up to us like old friends and introduced Julie. He continued, without a hint of embarrassment to explain that she was indeed a different girl. But this wasn’t their first date. In fact they had already made plans for a trip together to Quebec this summer. We were seated next to them (just a coincidence) and this time had a most comfortable experience. What a difference a different date can make. This Martini Friday we raise our glasses in a toast to young love.

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