Can you ever have too many boats?

Chester Yawl

Chester Yawl

By last count we currently own seven boats; two kayaks, three canoes, a Clancy sail boat, and a Chester Yawl. Two of the canoes can be converted with sail rigs to allow wind driven travel. Three of the boats, the Clancy Sail Boat, the cedar strip canoe, and the Chester Yawl are wooden boats that we built by hand in our garage or basement. And, to be completely honest, we have been boat sitting our daughter’s JetSki for the past three years while she is out of the country for work. So the vessel total is actually eight for a household that boasts two full time residents. It started innocently enough when I purchased the first canoe, a 15′ Grumman more than 30 years ago for my soon to be husband utilizing a $500 coupon from the back of an Uncle Ben’s rice package.

While our family has had a lot of fun over the years with all  the boats, you might think it would be difficult to justify having so many boats at this stage of life. But they do have a lot of good memories attached to them. In addition, now that we live on a lake, most, if not all, of the boats find their way into the water at one time or another each summer. And, except for the Chester Yawl which is in the water all summer, they require very little in the way of maintenance.  Not to mention that we have plenty of room to store them in the winter. Each vessel fills a different sort of niche and it is nice to have extra boats to use when we have guests or family visit. In the end, we have all these boats because we enjoy them.  We have given a canoe away in the past and we may yet give more boats away in the future, but only to people or organizations that will love them as much as we do. I guess you probably can have too many boats, but I don’t think we are there yet.

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