Some communication should be personal and “Old School”

A little discussion among friends

A little discussion among friends

I just heard last night that my sister broke her hip. I heard about it ten days after the fact when Cheryl’s husband, my brother-in-law, posted a photo on his Facebook page showing her being moved by gurney into an ambulance. The description just said something to the effect that the local medical center was preparing her for the three hour trip to Reno because she had broken her hip on the way home from a recent vacation. Mind you this was after he posted 20 some photos of their vacation to Solvang, Disneyland and various other locations in Southern California. Only after perusing the vacation photos and returning to the news feed did I learn of her unfortunate accident. As soon as I saw that second posting, I picked up the phone and tried to call her/him to make sure everything was OK. When I was unable to get through, I called my brother Mark in Boise to see if he had heard anything. He hadn’t even seen the Facebook post as he is only a periodic browser.

My brother Mark and I chatted for a few minutes and by the time I hung up with him I saw yet another post from my brother-in-law that indicated that she seemed to be recovering nicely at home and would return to Reno the end of this week for a follow-up with her doctor. Still, I called her again and this time I did get through. She didn’t seemed at all concerned that he had posted those photos and comments or that neither he nor she tried to call Mark or me. I don’t think that I am the only one who feels that not everything belongs on Facebook and that some information is better transmitted through “Old School” methods like phone calls or letters. I would have even preferred a personal email prior to reading about it on the very public forum that is Facebook.

Yes, I am a Facebook user but my sister is not. Even though she is a mere two years older than me, she has never really developed much of an interest in computers. She has an email account that one of her kids set up for her, but I have sent messages to that address in the past that have never been acknowledged. Needless to say, I have given up on trying to communicate with her through the computer. If there is something I want or need to share with her of a personal nature I will pick up the phone if it is time sensitive or write a letter if it is not. I think that families need to stay in touch the old fashioned way regardless of the miles or years that separate us. And I will continue to do my part to make that happen.

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