Sometimes I Just Need to Learn to Slow Down

An Old Barn along the Natchez Trace in Mississippi in the quiet of the early morning

An Old Barn along the Natchez Trace in Mississippi in the quiet of the early morning

People who know me best would not be surprised to learn that I like to keep busy. A procrastinator I am not. As soon as we get home from the gym I take our sweaty workout clothes down to the basement, throw them into the washer, and then the dryer, so they will be fresh and ready for our next session. I almost never leave dishes in the sink, either washing them right away or rinsing them and putting them in the dishwasher. My suitcase is emptied and put away as soon as we arrive home from a trip, often before I even shower and always before I go to bed. I order my photo Christmas cards before Thanksgiving and have them addressed, stamped and ready to mail by the first of December. It takes no small measure of constraint not to put them in the mail before then. You get the idea. Some might call me obsessive, but I prefer to think of it as being organized and prepared.

This weekend was one of those times when I felt I needed to be especially organized. Friday we had our regular workout at the fitness center first thing in the morning, followed by weekly grocery shopping, lunch, our Martini Friday tradition, the daily dog walk and later that evening a Black Bear hockey game at the university. Saturday the hockey game was in the afternoon so I wrote a few letters in the morning, took the dog for an early walk, and prepared our main meal of the day before heading off to the rink. I should mention here that both days I worked in making a couple of batches of cookie doughs on each so that I could bake them later to take to the Newman Center on Sunday night and the Navy House and Fitness Center at the university on Monday morning for the students who would be studying for this week’s final exams. Altogether I baked around 16 dozen cookies on Sunday morning and made up three large tray to take to the students and a smaller one for our neighbors across the street. When I got done with that project, I assembled enough Chicken Cordon Bleu (sans breading) to feed forty people at our Women of the World luncheon scheduled for this morning. We took the cookie tray for the Newman Center when we went to church last night.

Overnight the snow began to fall. It wasn’t unexpected, but it wasn’t expected to be a problem either. It continues to fall as I write this. The plow truck hasn’t made it out to the lake yet so we elected not to try to drive to the university for our workout and to drop off the trays of Christmas cookies. We can take the trays into town tomorrow and drop them off. The Women of the World luncheon has been cancelled and won’t be rescheduled. So I just finished putting the prepared Chicken Cordon Bleu into Zip-lock bags and making room for them in the freezer. I guess we will be seeing a lot of this French staple on our dinner table this winter. In a way I am glad that sometimes things completely out of my control force me to slow down a bit. I wish I could get better at slowing myself down, taking more time to sit, read, relax or just be comfortable being still for a while. I will enjoy watching the snow fall this morning as I have another cup of coffee and peruse the newspaper. Until the snow slows …then I will feel obliged to get out the snow blower to clear the drive. I am what I am.

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