Lessons From My Mother

My mother was born 92 years ago today in a small town in northwestern Minnesota not far from the Canadian border. She was the 5th of six children born to second generation Norwegian immigrants, Olga and Elmer. My grandparents were hard-working, no-nonsense┬áLutherans who expected the same from their children, two boys and four girls. When […]

Career Growth and Development

When I graduated from high school, I thought that I wanted to be a doctor. With two older siblings already in school and a younger brother not far behind me, there was little doubt that my first two years of college would be spent in junior college (now know as community college) to get my […]

Say It Isn’t So! Could Home Delivery of Letter Mail Soon Be History?

While the United States Postal Service does not have an official motto, many people believe that the words quoted above, and chiseled into granite over the entrance of a New York City Post Office, were created to celebrate the dedication of postal employees. In fact, those words were actually penned over 2500 years ago by […]