Cultivating a Coffee Habit

Coffee and I go way back. The first personal experience I had with coffee is at my grandmother’s house in Los Angeles when I was probably 5-6 years old. It was more painful than pleasant. And I am not talking about the flavor or taste. My earliest recollection of coffee is of the hot, dark […]

Taking Control of Your Own Happiness

  It certainly would be easy in these tumultuous times to get caught up in all the negativity especially as it relates to today’s political climate. There is more than enough frustration, anger, name calling, and just general negativity to go around. With yet another school shooting this past week at a high school in […]

Living Longer, Living Better

This week I will celebrate my 63rd birthday. I gave birth to my daughter, our second child, just weeks after my own mother turned 63 thirty-one years ago. Mom would live another 20 years before passing away at 83 from congestive heart failure, one of the complications of her long struggle with diabetes. My father […]

It’s Still Christmas …Wherever You Are, Whoever You’re With

  The traditional Fraser Fir Christmas tree has been decorated and in its place in front of the bay window overlooking a snowy landscape and the lake beyond for a couple of weeks now. Colored rope lights line the eaves and deck railing of our log cabin in Maine. Christmas cards from friends and family […]

My Travel Planning Evolution

  My travel planning experience goes way back to when I put together my first adult adventure, a trip to the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada. I was a senior at Fresno State University and was waiting to hear if I had been accepted into a master’s program in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine at […]