Pride Goeth Before The Fall

Last month I confidently wrote about an upcoming solo trip I had planned and arranged on my own. I was unabashed in expressing the pride I felt in knowing that I was able to coordinate this 10 day journey involving three separate airplane flights, overnight visits in Idaho with both my younger brother and my […]

Welcoming a New Member to the Family

  In my blog last month I talked about an important wedding in Alaska that had caused us to delay our annual mud-season road trip south. In the six weeks since, we did complete our road trip as planned, touring Harper’s Ferry, northern Georgia, Hot Springs, AR, The Land Between The Lakes, and Ohiophyle and […]

Cultivating a Coffee Habit

Coffee and I go way back. The first personal experience I had with coffee is at my grandmother’s house in Los Angeles when I was probably 5-6 years old. It was more painful than pleasant. And I am not talking about the flavor or taste. My earliest recollection of coffee is of the hot, dark […]

Taking Control of Your Own Happiness

  It certainly would be easy in these tumultuous times to get caught up in all the negativity especially as it relates to today’s political climate. There is more than enough frustration, anger, name calling, and just general negativity to go around. With yet another school shooting this past week at a high school in […]