Taking Control of Your Own Happiness

  It certainly would be easy in these tumultuous times to get caught up in all the negativity especially as it relates to today’s political climate. There is more than enough frustration, anger, name calling, and just general negativity to go around. With yet another school shooting this past week at a high school in […]

Say It Isn’t So! Could Home Delivery of Letter Mail Soon Be History?

While the United States Postal Service does not have an official motto, many people believe that the words quoted above, and chiseled into granite over the entrance of a New York City Post Office, were created to celebrate the dedication of postal employees. In fact, those words were actually penned over 2500 years ago by […]

Facebook …The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

It’s hard to believe that Facebook, the ubiquitous social media site, has only been around for a decade or so. In 2003 Harvard college student Mark Zuckerberg and friends created a simple game of “hot or not”, offering side by side photographs of classmates and asking the “players” to choose which of the pair was […]

Some communication should be personal and “Old School”

I just heard last night that my sister broke her hip. I heard about it ten days after the fact when Cheryl’s husband, my brother-in-law, posted a photo on his Facebook page showing her being moved by gurney into an ambulance. The description just said something to the effect that the local medical center was […]