Lessons From My Mother

My mother was born 92 years ago today in a small town in northwestern Minnesota not far from the Canadian border. She was the 5th of six children born to second generation Norwegian immigrants, Olga and Elmer. My grandparents were hard-working, no-nonsense┬áLutherans who expected the same from their children, two boys and four girls. When […]

All Things In Moderation

“Moderation in all things, especially moderation” …Ralph Waldo Emerson Aristotle is thought to have been the first advocate of moderation in all things. Since then, many have adopted their own take on this philosophy allowing for an increasingly diverse understanding of what moderation means. Some self righteous crusaders hold very narrow view of moderation, especially […]

Eating locally, food for thought

I remember when I was growing up in Southern California, known then as the nation’s fruit basket, the markets would have beautiful fresh fruit year round. But most of it was grown within a few hundred miles and so it was picked within days of being sold. So the available selection followed the seasons. Berries […]