Fair Weather Fans Are No Fans Indeed

I’ve been around sports and athletes pretty much my whole life. My love for sport began with pick-up baseball and basketball games with the neighborhood boys growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I enjoyed the competitiveness, the physical activity and most of all the camaraderie. We chose teams the old fashioned way. Captains […]

Eating locally, food for thought

I remember when I was growing up in Southern California, known then as the nation’s fruit basket, the markets would have beautiful fresh fruit year round. But most of it was grown within a few hundred miles and so it was picked within days of being sold. So the available selection followed the seasons. Berries […]

Living in Vacationland

Maine is known as Vacationland and with good reason. The state is blessed with a beautiful coastline, dark green forests and woodlands, small towns with friendly people, and over 6000 lakes and ponds. People come from all over the world to enjoy the recreation, arts and entertainment, sightseeing, wildlife, and of course, Maine ┬álobster. In […]

Little Free Library

My mother passed away five years ago and we had been thinking about how we could best honor her memory. She was an avid reader and instilled that thirst for reading in her four children and seven grandchildren. We read an article about the Little Free Library program in Parade magazine and decided that would […]